FilterCleanBox: a highly efficient cleaning machine for DPFs

Cleaning diesel particulate filters: maintenance increases service life

Problems with your engine or a fail on your MOT? We often pay attention to diesel particulate filters (DPFs) only when they have already become a problem. And, these days, due to traffic jams and short journeys, DPFs often do clog more quickly and have to be replaced more often. Faurecia Service is here to help you avoid that. Our FilterCleanBox is a DPF cleaning machine which enables quick and regular DPF cleaning. It is an environmentally friendly option and extends the service life of DPFs.

FilterCleanBox at a glance

Effective and environmentally friendly
EASY TO USE with a Touch Screen
QUICK: a 5 min cleaning cycle for < 1 hour of maintenance on vehicle
Technical specifications
  • Suitable for all DPFs up to
    • 500 x 500 x 1500 mm
  • Weight
    • 350 kg (on wheels)
  • Power
    • 220V standard plug
Advantages in the shop
  • The guarantee to extend the DPF service life
  • A quick and cost effective service
  • Additional and regular shop trafic

Particulate filter cleaning: fast, effective and affordable

Get your particulate filter cleaned in less than an hour: Faurecia Service‘s DPF cleaning machine benefits garages and workshops in several ways. It is a compact station which quickly and thoroughly removes ashes under pressure while the filter is fastened in place using flexible straps. Our detergent has been specially developed in house to be environmentally friendly and to remove all ashes gently and effectively, leaving no residues. FilterCleanBox features a touchscreen for intuitive operation.