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Faurecia Service is part of the Faurecia Group, a global leader in the automotive technology.

Faurecia, together with HELLA, is a company of the Group FORVIA. With over 300 industrial sites and 63 R&D centers, 150,000 people, including more than 35,000 engineers across 40+ countries, FORVIA provides a unique and comprehensive approach to the automotive challenges of today and tomorrow. Composed of 6 business groups with 24 product lines, FORVIA is focused on becoming the preferred innovation and integration partner for OEMS worldwide. FORVIA aims to be a change maker committed to foreseeing and making the mobility transformation happen.

  • TOP 10
    automotive company
  • 1 in 3 vehicles worldwide
    includes a Faurecia technology
motiv-3 8300 Engineers – 35 R&D Centers
motiv-2 Faurecia Service: your trusted partner for the aftermarket.

Based on more than 20 years of experience in exhaust systems, Faurecia now sets new standards for the automotive aftermarket with its business line Faurecia Service.

Ever stricter emission regulations and a constantly growing environmental awareness require a rethinking. Faurecia Service offers innovative solutions that meet the needs of the aftermarket in the long term to extend the life of exhaust line.

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