Change your Exhaust Yourself
with Easy2Fit® Tutorials

Mufflers, catalytic converters and complete lines

Faurecia Service offers tutorials that explain step-by-step how to change the various components of your exhaust system. Our all-in-one kit, Easy2Fit, includes all the accessories needed for assembly and the length of the parts is optimized to allow you to work independently. We recommend that you watch a full tutorial before you start working on the vehicle. Please note that for some vehicles, changing the catalytic converter require engine reprogramming (ECU) – the vehicle models shown in our tutorials do not require reprogramming.

1. How to change a silencer ?

You will find in these videos all the necessary explanations to change the silencer of your vehicle. The muffler is designed to reduce the sound emitted by the exhaust and it should be changed every 120 to 150,000km, depending on your driving profile and the age of your vehicle.

2. How to change a catalytic converter ?

You will find in these videos the necessary explanations to change the catalyst of your vehicle. The catalytic converter is a component of the exhaust line on petrol vehicles and more recently on diesel vehicles. It transforms gases that are harmful to health into harmless gases. A catalytic converter must be changed every 150,000 km, its life span will depend on the general condition of the exhaust system and the engine.

3. How to change a complete exhaust line ?

You will find in these videos the necessary explanations to change a complete exhaust line of your vehicle (catalytic converters + tubes + silencer). Thanks to our Easy2Fit KIT concept, the complete line can be mounted by one person on his own. Indeed, the longest parts of the line have been cut and are to be connected by the mounting parts provided in the kit.

* For other parts, see Mufflers and Catalysts sections.

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